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OH LOVELY is an exclamation for "beautiful".


JULIE, my pet name, is part of the brand name. OH LOVELY JULIE is an expression of my personal passion for wedding dresses and wedding fashion. I have been passionately advising brides in their search for their dream dress for many years. The demand for modern two-piece dresses for brides and wedding guests increased, which motivated me to realise my own designs. The result is a trendy collection for brides, bridesmaids and wedding guests.

With their timeless, modern designs, the skirt and top combinations from OH LOVELY JULIE enchant with their delicate charm, easy wearability and a real EN VOGUE feel. In their numerous variations, they can be combined with different outfits again and again.

OH LOVELY JULIE creations are therefore not only the perfect shopping experience for gorgeous wedding fashion, but also offer an unforgettably beautiful look for every occasion. 


In terms of sustainability, but also in the interests of our customers, the motivation was to design a clean, feminine mix & match collection that can also be worn after the wedding in combination with favourite pieces from your own wardrobe.


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